Some tips for giving a Tantric Massage

Some tips for giving a Tantric Massage

Giving a proper tantric massage to your partner requires knowledge and skill, but many couples around the world will try their hand at this with their own version or some will qualified tantric therapists. For anyone looking to give a tantric massage we have compiled a list of the some of the important points that should be followed in this process:

Set the mood for your massage – It really is all about the atmosphere and you decide to create this. A couple of top tips here are candles with a nice aroma and also attention paid to small details of the room, making it look as romantic as possible with dim lighting. Invest in best quality toweling for this and not just your regular run of the mill towels!

The Massage Oil – A extremely important component of a successful massage and all too often overlooked. Getting the right oil can literally be the difference between a successful and enjoyable massage or one that is uncomfortable. Also need to bear in mind here allergies so usually better to choose something quite natural

The Sounds – Lastly the last of the 3 key elements. Stay away from things like drum and bass here. To inspire and stimulate your partner, something sensual and soothing is the key. You want your partner to be able to drift off rather than looking for ear defenders!

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