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An Erotic Body to Body Massage in London

Massage can be viewed as a form of therapy or a highly erotic sensual pleasure. The practice dates back thousands of years to ancient times. The first records of its existence span back to ancient China and Egypt. Today, you can keep the ancient practices alive by experiencing an erotic body massage.
This tantalizing activity is provided by a female practitioner who provocatively provides an experience that takes you to a whole new level of relaxation. Not only is the therapy healthy, it is also a luxury that defies description.

A Soft and Enticing Form of Lighting

During this erotic therapy, the room is low-lit and background music is played to enhance the ambience. The masseuse will then ask that you remove your clothes and lie face-down on the massage table. In turn, the masseuse also seductively removes her clothes. This delectable lady will then sensually apply oils all over her lovely physique. To ensure that you also receive these enticing oils, she will then rub her body against yours. That is one of the well-defined moments of bliss during an erotic body to body massage in London.

A Memorable B2B Massage Encounter

However, this experience does not end here as the masseuse will then lightly massage your body with her artful hands, releasing the stress and tension in your muscles, making you feel like you have left the planet for a time. You cannot help but note her dexterity as she caresses her toned and unclothed silhouette next to your body, or appreciate the feel of her thighs and breasts next to you. While some masseuses begin at the feet and work from there, other masseuses prefer to perform the massage with their breasts. Needless to say, this type of massage not only reduces stress but takes you to a whole new planet – one that makes this experience a rare and elegant treat at best.