Body to Body Massage

An Erotic Body to Body Massage in London

Massage can be viewed as a form of therapy or a highly erotic sensual pleasure. The practice of massage first dates back thousands of years to ancient times. The first records of its existence span back to ancient China and Egypt. Today we see some massage therapies with a more sensual side to things, and this is encapsulated very well in a sexy body to body massage.

This tantalizing activity is provided by a female practitioner who provocatively provides an experience that takes you to a whole new level of relaxation. Not only is the therapy healthy, it is also a luxury that is very sought after across the UK.

A Soft and Enticing Form of Lighting

During this erotic massage therapy, the room will have very dim lighting and relaxing, tranquil background music is played to enhance the ambience. The masseuse will then ask that you remove your clothes and lie face-down on the massage table. In turn, the masseuse also seductively removes her clothes. This delectable lady will then sensually apply aromatherapy oils all over herself and the client to aid with the body to body part of the session. To ensure that you also receive enough of these smooth oils, she will then rub her body against yours. That is one of the well-defined moments of bliss during an erotic body to body massage in London.

A Memorable B2B Massage Encounter

However, this experience does not end here as the masseuse will then lightly massage your body with her delicate and professional hands, releasing the stress and tension in your muscles, giving you moments of complete peace and enjoyment. You cannot help but note her dexterity as she caresses her toned and unclothed silhouette next to your body, or appreciate the feeling of the sensual b2b experience.

Different masseuses have their own styles when it comes to b2b massage. But one constant with Asian Tantric is that they are all experts in their field. This will always translate into a premium massage service that is hard to find anywhere else in the capital.

Clients find our studio to be inviting and friendly, and an ideal place to indulge in b2b massage. On the other hand many of our clients are businessmen that in many cases are on tight work schedules and simply cannot take the time out to visit our Holborn studio. This is something that we appreciate and so all of the Asian therapists that work at Asian Tantric are happy to accommodate outcall massage where they can provide the full body to body massage at hotels in London too.