Oriental Nuru Massage

A Nuru Massage in London?

Nuru massage is a very popular form of massage that has recently made its way over from the East and has now become very popular in the UK. This form of massage therapy can also sometimes be referred to as body slide and involves the use of a very different form of massage gel. Most traditional forms of massage therapy will use traditional massage oils, whereas nuru massage uses ‘nuru gel’ which is a very slippery, transparent and completely odorless gel. Because it has such a thing consistency it makes it very slippery and great for body sliding and gliding of bodies. One of the other benefits of this nuru gel is that it is also very simple to wash off, whereas the traditional oils can be a real pain to get off as well as also sometimes having a very strong odour.

This is a very sensual and intimate form of asian massage therapy and involves both parties being completely nude for the duration of the massage. For people that have not tried a Nuru massage then it really is something that you should try and can also be very good for helping to relax muscles and can also be very good for some minor sporting injuries and muscle issues.

Not only can clients get a lot of sexual pleasure from this erotic form of massage but it can also be good for helping to reduce things like stress, tension and anxiety in the body through the delicate strokes from the masseuse. It is important when going for a Nuru massage that you are selecting a massage parlour that either specialises in this form of massage or one where the masseuses are fully experienced in this form of therapy. A Nuru massage performed properly really is an amazing experience and once you have had this form of therapy by a skilled masseuse you will undoubtedly be back for more!