Oriental Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage

Short introduction into the secrets of the Sacred art of Tantra and the burning desires within us.

Tantra does not mean debauchery but a perfect control, it means courage and wisdom it means to always be yourself.

Tantra means self-knowledge and spiritual perfection, it is a spiritual system based on acceptance and understanding.

The principle of Tantra is to transform all pleasures and desires in ecstatic experiences. Tantra demonstrates our ability to live a life full of happiness and joy by integrating all the moments of our lives. It teaches us to grow in love, in pleasure, in ecstasy and advises us to use these gifts and not disregard them.

Our modern civilization gravitates around sex, so tantra comes to help the modern man using the wisdom of Hindu gods. From morning till night, and even in our dreams we are consciously or unconsciously guided by our desires. Tantra is the only spiritual system that uses the maximum energy of desire. In Tantra the desire and the sexual energy are considered the most accessible forms of energy that we have available, it simply uses the body’s natural resources and follows the natural play of energies.

Tantra for couples or harmony between opposites

The couple relationship is for many of us one of the decisive factors for our destiny. The couple relationship is the human manifestation of macrocosmic harmony between opposites: yin and yang, male and female, plus and minus. When it reaches the perfection, the human couple becomes itself an expression of the divine couple Shiva – Shakti. Therefore, in Tantra (as in Taoism), the love in the couple is a very complex spiritual path.At the same time it is seen as a true art that requires a physical , physical, mental and spiritual training.

Tantra is a centuries-old sacred art that turns you into the ideal partner, into the perfect lover.

The balance and the harmony of a happy tantric couple

A spiritual and harmonious couple relationship involves four levels of human being: the erotic level, the affective level, the mental level and the spiritual level.

The harmony of the erotic level is in some way the basis of the couple relationship. This harmony arises when the partners remove all the prejudices and inhibitions and the both partners get to know each other fully. Then, there will be no distance that separate them, no time between them, no suffering to darken their life.

A tantric relationship between a man and a woman is a relationship that enjoys a deep emotional and erotic intimacy and it is based on open and honest communication between the two lovers. If we want our couple relationship to flourish, we must cultivate the trust and the mutual respect, the openness of mind and a delicious deep state of intimacy. This delicious intimacy deepens when we share our thoughts, feelings and moods.

The joy of erotic sharing

Sexuality is an intrinsic and valuable part of our human nature and should be treated with great responsibility. In an intimate tantric relationship, we must trust each other and respect our moods, feelings, beliefs and ideals. Tantra help couples in this regard.
This Hindu sacred art cancels all limitations and sexual prejudices. Tantra is a powerful example of integration of spirit and body. This art is for all couples who want to enrich their relationship. It brings harmony between them and increase their sexual pleasure and intimacy promoting the joy of erotic sharing, the proximity between lovers. The love lives through sexual energy generated by couples.

Tantra teaches how to create this spiritual energy of passion that love needs.

This lost art of sexuality can help you to have a harmonious couple relationship. You can learn to communicate with your partner, to accept your sexual nature it will teach you how to give pleasure and how to get the same pleasure in return. Exploring and knowing your partner’s body but also your own body is not a sin but a form of communication, knowledge and acceptance that will improve your mood, your couple relationship and your entire life.

Tantra teaches the couples how to get the deepest level of intimacy and how to maintain this passion. Meditation finds its source in the union of the masculine and feminine principles, and the engine of this practice is the sexual energy.

Tantra for singles – a way to live.

The stage of fulfillment in tantra is something incredible, beyond concepts, beyond words, beyond expression. Let’s not forget that the real goal of Tantra is the union with the Divine. It is the art of living intensely every moment of life

as it would be the last. It is a cult of nature and life, in which no issue is denied. In Tantra, the erotic act is an adoration cult. Touches are sacred and divine. It is a gift of life.

The diversity of tantric practice is a wide range, including a series of actions, gestures, techniques and forms of meditation.

Kundalini awakening

Kundalini is the latent energy from the human body. When this force is awakened, it rises along the spine to the crown chakra.

Kundalini awakening can occur in all people regardless of spiritual path or religion they belong. Kundalini Awakening will cause positive changes for the physical body and for the spirit. In its ascension, Kundalini will meet opened or closed chakras . If a chakra is opened Kundalini will continue to rise until the next chakra. If a chakra is closed, Kundalini will stop, and the human being will fully experience the feelings of that chakra.

Guru Vashisth says that this energy is the absolute knowledge. Kundalini yoga is considered the supreme yoga of all other forms of yoga and Kundalini awakening is described as the supreme path to knowledge.

Tantra practice intends to awaken this huge energy of the body the meditation aims to enhance the intimacy between the two partners and to extend the act. This act is ritualized and sacralized to release the sexual energy and to fully wake up the five essential senses.

Our tantric massage in London will teach you to use all your senses and to live your life in the ultimate pleasure..the here and now.