Oriental Tie and Tease Massage

Tie and Tease Massage

The tie and tease is a form of fantasy as well as erotic Tantra massage. It is a special experience that is teasing, titillating and surprising. It can include erotic and unusual massages. It is a psychological as well as a physical experience, which is more intense and mysterious than the average Tantric massage. Starting from teasing, it can progress to more exotic and curious forms of pleasure giving, such as a foot fetish. The experimental sensations one can get from a tie and tease massage can be wild enough to require trust from both partners as well as a different kind of curiosity.

Tie and tease can involve cuffs, blindfolds, silken cloths, feathers, and even more exotic equipment. Tie and tease combines power play or domination and submission, and can also involve pinching, hot wax, nails, and ice cubes. However, it is focused more on emotion. Tie and tease may include acts that heighten one’s sense of powerlessness, similar to what blindfolds do. It can also involve spanking.

Tie and tease is essentially grounded on excitement, tension and surprise. The climax of the whole experience is the intense release of energy you will feel after a good massage. The loss of control and uncertainty provided by the therapist leads to utter ecstasy before, during and after the entire experience.