Holistic Massage

A holistic massage is a process that is defined to satisfy your own particular needs. It is all about tailoring the session according to your requirements and to discover the perfect technique to accommodate you. The massage begins by extracting the problems that your body is facing; our professional therapist digs deep down to discover the causes of the problems in the body. After, outlining the sore parts and problems, the massage procedure is decided. The techniques that range from long pressurized strokes move along to soft strokes that are designed to indulge your body in the pleasures of the massage.

Holistic which means, ‘Complete’, is the answer to all your prayers- it progresses with the intention to search your soul along with your body. The massage is the genuine combination of physical and spiritual; the self-effacing ground which leads to the hidden territory of discovering yourself through a healthy dose of massage.

The beginning of Holistic session can be marked as the end to all your worries and sessions. The therapist moving slowly from your body to your soul is able to provide you the ultimate form of tranquility. The therapist urges you to enter into a world of oblivion, to leave all the worries at the doorstep and to reach deep within you. And only, when you are able to reach this state, you can connect with your soul and mind.

Entering a no-worry zone, allows the body to let go of all the tension and stress, which further removes mind blockages and sanctions you to think freely and amenably. So many times therapists hear the clients claiming that their minds ticked on a solution by just lying on the table!

The massage also creates enough room for your heart to beat more liberally, for the rest of your body parts to function more effectively. Holistic Massage is the impeccable incantation that can charm away all your problems and let you live a much happier life!

The beauty delivered to you by our therapists will be so much more than you could have ever thought of. It is a magical journey inspired by spiritualism and love for the soul.

Swedish massage

The name Swedish massage itself conveys a mystical and classical ambience. The massage in its purest form is actually known as ‘Classical massage’.

A Swedish massage not only requires the supervision of a professional therapist but also entails the necessity of a thoroughly experienced masseuse. The massage uses different techniques such as, Effleurage, Petrissage, Vibration and Friction. Considered one of the most remarkable bodywork, it excels in delivering the body the height of harmony and relaxation. It relieves the body from all the elements of anxiety and tension that were knotting the body. Furthermore, the massage maneuvers its’ long and smooth strokes towards the direction of the heart, so that blood flow is improved which is a pathway to a healthier heart – what more can anyone ask for?

The beauty of a Swedish massage can be derived from the fact that it also has a division of holistic treatment. The problems of the body are outlined before the therapist progresses with the massage and by focusing on those obstacles the client is entertained. By de-stressing the mind and body, a connection with a soul is established. By clearing the boulevard of mistrust in the soul, the human body achieves the absolute state of harmony and love.

The therapists providing the service of a Swedish massage are unparalleled in their field. The comfort and peace their hands can offer you is more than you could have bargained for. Not only they are professionals but their techniques combined with different oils and the holistic approach makes the experience of a Swedish massage, worth the while. They move according to your requests, with your needs and for your pleasure.

Body Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a form therapy that not only focuses on the outer layer of your body but has the capacity to touch your body deeper. It aims to channel the energy of your body and the massage strokes to aid the deeper layer of your muscles to flourish. The deep tissue massage is considered highly nourishing for the natural process of human body; its merits are numerous!

The therapists at our disposal have the special talent to offer you a full body deep tissue massage. The therapists are the prime massagers that you could find in any other place. They show you the road to healing and the secret path to recognise the love for your own body.

The massage consisting of various strokes throughout your body, professes to soothe every sore muscle to its core. The use of scented oils according to the clients’ choice is also part of the ritual; the oils used for massage are also truly beneficial for the skin and muscles.

The deep tissue approach is used on muscles that are highly concentrated with anxiety and tension. The approach uses deep, pressurised and long strokes in order to get the desired results. It is used to break or eliminate tissue blockages, built- up toxins and adhesions. The breaking of these adhesions and inflammations, allows the blood to flow more methodically throughout the body. Any strain injuries, postural problems, spasms and bones-related issue can also find its answer through a deep tissue massage.

The deep Tissue full body massage uses the techniques of a Swedish massage but it is more extensive in nature. Therapists not only use their hands in this massage, but also make use of their elbows, fingers and ceramic or wooden tools. The tools are used in a smooth fashion, so that no nerve is damaged. After the deep tissue massage, a body might hurt at all the points which were focused upon, but the long-time effects are much greater.