Soapy Massage

Get your Soapy Massage in London!

Just like Londoners and others from around the world, the Ancient Greeks highly valued the benefits of massage. Some of the techniques enabled athletes to stay in condition for races and other competitions. Massage was also used for relaxation. The use of oils and herbs were employed to treat medical conditions as well.

The Benefits of Soapy Massage are Amazing!

Greek women valued the advantages of massage by making use of aromatic oils. In his work the Odyssey, Homer defined massage as a “welcome relief” to tired heroes of war. The Romans, too, noted the benefits of massage. One of the ancient physicians said that “. . . rubbing, if strenuous, hardens the body, if gentle, relaxes . . . .” Today, massage can take on a new form of sexy relaxation by making use of shower gel or soap. This unique type of massage normally takes place on an inflatable and waterproof mattress. As a result, the activity can lead to some wild and memorable moments.

One Amazing Cleansing Experience

When you choose a soapy massage in London, both you and your sexy masseuse will be completely unclothed. This wet-and-wild activity combines all the tantalizing techniques of a traditional body to body massage, but with the addition of a soap or gel. The full one-on-one contact and hand-massaging methods used in this type of massage are often featured in Asian styles of massage – styles that provide a relaxing yet mind-altering experience. Just like the women of ancient Greece, your masseuse and temptress will use a scented soap to further enhance the erotic pleasure of the activity. Although this type of massage treatment was once only available in Far Eastern locales, it is now offered solely for your pleasure in London. If you wish to take part in this bubbly and steamy adventure, you only have to travel as far as London for the therapy.